About the programme

Goal: An educational program in nuclear pharmacy for integrated interactive education of students from different majors.

Target Group:
The targeted group consists of 12 universities from 8 countries. The students (mostly undergraduate) are majors in 4 disciplines (pharmacy, medicine, medical physics/physics/, radiochemistry/chemistry) and should be directly involved in the method development, production and applications of radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals in nuclear medicine. 

Major activities:
The major program activities correspond to the requirements for innovation and multidiscipline studies:

 laboratory exercises – individually and in groups;
 learning projects, presented and defended during topic-oriented seminars.

Results/skills acquired from the project:
Development of a nuclear pharmacy program with emphasis on Nuclear Medicine; joint training of students from 4 different majors; learning materials with lectures, lab exercises, practicums, projects; established standards for work with radiopharmaceuticals.

Expected Results:
√ actualization and modernization of the current curricula of the majors Pharmacy, Medicine, Medicinal Physics, Radiochemistry in the participating universities;
√ introduction of an optional course in Nuclear Pharmacy in the regular program of the majors Pharmacy, Medicine, Medicinal Physics, Radiochemistry in English and its translation (during the second and the third year of the IP) into the partners’ languages;
√ a suggestion for a common ERASMUS module – a Master of Science program in Nuclear Pharmacy between the IP partners, including e-mail learning;
√ signing agreements for bilateral collaborations between all programme partners for student and instructor mobility.

Created by Za Vas